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With the latest technological advances in CCTV security cameras, HD CCTV IP Cameras, protecting your business from theft and danger has become much easier; without breaking the bank. CCTV surveillance systems now offer clearer images, more reliability and easier access to footage.

The days of deciphering grainy shadows and watching delayed security footage are long gone. Crystal-clear, colour video has replaced old, black and white monitoring systems, and real-time and remote access makes it easier to watch for suspicious behaviour.

The key to protecting your employees and your property is to see suspicious activity before it can strike, but you probably think this ability comes at a premium. Tabb Tech is here to tell you that a CCTV surveillance system is more affordable—and necessary—than ever.

Choosing the right equipment

What are your business’ security goals? How quickly do you need access to recorded images and from where? Deciding on which systems will aptly protect your business assets without over investing in equipment can be a difficult task.

Our security options include ANPR cameras, multi-site camera installations with 24 hour monitoring, mobile CCTV monitoring,  CCTV rental/lease option for businesses and vehicle installation.

Our trained experts help you choose the right equipment for your needs. So whether it’s CCTV security cameras, wireless CCTV cameras or CCTV IP Cameras, Tabb Tech has helped hundreds of UK homes and businesses navigate their options. Don’t leave your property unprotected. Contact us today for a No obligation quote.

Keep your CCTV system working as hard as you do.

What happens after the installation is every bit as important as making sure you purchased the right equipment. Tabb Tech know how to keep your systems running efficiently to save you on repair costs and give you the confidence that your home, company and employees are always protected.

In fact, our one-year parts and labor warranty guarantees that you are receiving the industry’s best products backed by the highest quality customer service and maintenance.

Remote Monitoring

We are able to provide remote monitoring of your CCTV system.

  • CCTV images recorded onto hard disk for continuous high quality capture of observed activities, even during playback.
  • Provides recorded data of theft or vandalism to aid prosecution.
  • CCTV system can reduce crime levels, and drops as high as 90% have been recorded.
  • Sites can be monitored around the clock, every day of the year.
  • Powerful event search capabilities for rapid and easy retrieval of footage.
  • Excellent camera image quality together with an extensive range of motorised and fixed units for a variety of applications.
CCTV Systems Blackpool

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